Joe Kennedy, DREI*

Founder, Peachtree Institute of Real Estate

President of the Kennedy Center for Real Estate Education, Inc.

Founder and Executive Director of the ASR® - Accredited Seller Representative® Designation

“The business is in my blood,” says Joe Kennedy, a licensed REALTOR® since he was 18 years old. Joe’s role as an instructor began in the mid-1970’s when he assumed recruiting and training duties for his brokerage firm. Since that time, he has developed into one of the true masters of real estate education.

“I’ve always wanted to do my part to raise professional standards,” Kennedy says. He’s certainly accomplished and surpassed his goals. Joe served as revision author of Real Estate Dynamics, Georgia’s most widely used textbook for the real estate salesperson and brokers pre-licensing exam. Joe was also one of the first to recognize the potential of computer-based training by writing and developing the ProStar® pre-license salesperson training system.

Kennedy’s latest innovation is the Accredited Seller Representative®  (ASR®) designation. The first program of its kind, the ASR® designation was created in response to the success of the Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR®) designation. Kennedy has found that since the introduction of Buyer Agency into the industry over a decade ago, educational programming for REALTORS® has been proportionately unbalanced in favor of the buyer. “My goal through the implementation of the ASR® designation program is to raise the level of professional service delivered to the seller by today’s REALTOR®; thus, balancing the transaction so both seller and buyer receive proper professional representation.”  Kennedy’s ASR®, two-day program focuses on topics which includes; identifying and delivering “true” valued-added service, proper and effective staging and pricing the property, innovative marketing techniques, as well as professional practices and standards to minimize the potential risk of liability.

Kennedy has stayed abreast of market trends by remaining active in the real estate profession. “As an instructor, I need to know what agents are facing in the real world,” he says. “The only way to do that is to be out there selling properties myself.” Joe continues owning his own firm and is affiliated with one of Atlanta’s most successful residential real estate brokerage firms.

He also continues to serve in a variety of leadership positions. His many achievements include, President of the Georgia Real Estate Educator’s Association; Regional Vice President for the National Real Estate Educator’s Association; serves actively on the Georgia Real Estate Commission’s Education Advisory Committee and Senior Instructor for the Georgia Real Estate Commissions’ required Georgia Instructor Training Program. Each year, thousands attend his nationwide seminars.


“Joe Kennedy, you are the best teacher I’ve ever had (I attended Florida State for 5 years). You bring every element into teaching and make it understandable and memorable. You are a humble man who is excellent at what you do. School was never easy to me; you are the reason I succeeded. Thank You!”  Brad Viera, Atlanta, Georgia.

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